Copenhagen 6th-11th of June 2005









The 6th Biennial of Towns and Town Planners









The Street Creativity Sessions will highlight the creative potential that is unfolded in the everyday practices of the living city. These are practices that enrich and give meaning to urban life, but are often overlooked in the grand strategies and master plans of contemporary urbanism.


The Sessions are an opportunity for young European planners, artists and students and others working with urban space in innovative ways to participate in an international event. The participants will have the possibility to exhibit their ideas for a European audienceand. To develop the ideas in an interdisciplinary workshop prior to the Biennial. To discuss their ideas with Keynote speakers from the Biennial. To be part of the team shaping the Street Creativity Charter that will be presented on the final day of the Biennial. To take part in the big final party and the launch of the Yellow Arrow global public art project.  And last but not least to built up an international network, and get out and make their ideas real!


FREE* - Participation in the Street Creativity Sessions is free and includes admittance to the main biennial lectures.



The Sessions will comprise the following elements:


Street Creativity Exhibition: Participants in the Street Creativity Sessions will prior to Biennial be asked to forward visualized examples of Street Creativity. The examples will be published on the Street Creativity website and exhibited in the main Biennial area.


Pre-biennial workshop: In the three days preceding the Biennial 30 participants will work in the South Harbour of Copenhagen to produce a charter presenting fresh and inventive perspectives on future urban planning.  The workshop will focus on ideas and methods to use the creative potential of everyday life to enrich city living. 


Lectures: Participants in the sessions will have free of charge access to the Biennial lectures.


Master Classes: In the afternoon selected keynote speakers will head Master Classes discussing the results of the pre-biennial workshop. The Master Classes will be open to the public.




Harbour Ride: Late Friday evening a ride through the harbour showing new ways of using cell phones and text messages will be organised in collaboration with YellowArrow. 


Presentation: The final presentation of the Charter will take place on the final day of the Biennial as part of the lecture program.


Match Making Session: To maximise the outcome of the sessions a match making event will take place Saturday afternoon. The aim of the session will be to match people with creative initiatives with partners interested in supporting projects that enrich everyday urban life (urban investors and developers, municipal authorities, private companies, etc.)


YellowArrow Party: On Saturday the Street Creativity Sessions will close with a big party to celebrate the launch of the global public art project YellowArrow in Denmark.







* A small fee will be charged for food and drinks.



South Harbour


Monday 6th: Workshop

9:30     Brunch: Arrival and registration

10:15   Introduction to Urban Task Force & Street Creativity Sessions

10:30   South Harbour Walk and Talk:

12:00   Lunch

13:30   Workshop

18:30   Dinner

19:30   Southern Comfort lounge


Tuesday 7th: Workshop

9.30     Brunch

10:00   Workshop

13:00   Lunch

13:30   Workshop

18:30   Dinner

19:30   Southern Comfort lounge 


Wednesday 8th: Workshop

9.30     Brunch

10:00   Workshop

13:00   Lunch

13:30   Workshop: Preparation of Charter for Master Classes

18:30   Dinner

19:30   Southern Comfort lounge 




Inner Harbour: Holmen


Thursday 9th: Lectures and Master Class

9.00     Registration for lectures

10.00   Welcome address by Freddy Avnby, President of the Biennial

10.20   Saskia Sassen:

The greatest challenges of Europe in regards to an increased globalisation

10.50   Panel debate: Saskia Sassen and the European Mayors: Mads Lebech (Copenhagen, North), Emilio D’Alessio (Ancona, South), and Edi Rama (Tirana, East).

11.30   Intermission

12.00   Use [nostalgia]: an alternative, critical approach to the use of European references in new architecture all over Europe.

Panel: Dr. Cor Wagenaar, Copywriter Morten Kold, Architect Anna Maria Indrio and sociologist Henrik Dahl.

13.00   Lunch at the School of Architecture.


14.00   Master Class with Dr. Cor Wagenaar

15.00   Charter Re-workshop

17.00   Break: Explore Copenhagen 


19.00   Reception at Copenhagen City Hall






Friday 10th: Morning Lectures

 9.00    Presentation of today's programme by Göran Rosberg, Malmö City Planning Office.

 9.10    Professor Meric S. Gertler, University of Toronto: The cities of Europe in an economic perspective and the European Creative Index

Professor Anne Power, London School of Economics: How can the social and cultural diversity of the European city be utilized as a potential for urban planning?

Professor François Ascher, Université de Paris IIIV Vincennes-Saint Denis: on the spatial aspects.

10.30   The European Lounge. 'A gentlemen's discussion'

The three speakers discuss the potential of the European city in a relaxed 'arm chair environment'. 

11.00   Intermission

11.30   Use [religion] questions the idea of the diverse city and the role of Islamic culture in urban planning.

Panel: Imam Fatih Alev, Architect Furkan Köse, Mayor Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard and Professor Stefano Allievi

13.00   Lunch at the School of Architecture.





Friday 10th: Afternoon and evening:

Master Class &  Harbour Ride

14.00   Master Class with Anne Power

15.00   Preparation of final Charter

18.00   Dinner on Holmen 


Evening break: Explore Copenhagen on your own


23.00 Harbour Ride: Midnight harbour cruise with Yellow Arrow. The Boat leaves from the quay at Masteskurene.

00.00 Bedtime





Saturday 11th: Presentation, Lectures, Match Making and

10.00: Good morning

10.10: Street Creativity Charter presentation addressed to the Directors of Planning in the Øresund Region

10.45: Reinier de Graaf, director of AMO (think tank of OMA) on how to explore future opportunities beyond the borders of architecture and urbanism in Europe.

11.15:  Professor Jens Kvorning, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture: Planning The Øresund Region, long term strategies and ad hoc solutions.

11.45: Conclusions and Closure


12:00   Break: Relax and enjoy the harbour area of Holmen


14.00   Matchmaking Session. The sessions take place in Masteskurene


16.00   Break: Explore

            Copenhagen on your own






Saturday 11th: Yellow Arrow Launch party


Join the TXTmob for the Yellow Arrow Denmark launch! Find out where the secret launch party will take place and get text message updates of the roving Yellow Arrow lightbox.


Register on: 







Clement Blanchet                                    Rotterdam                                                                      Architect

Mads Bech Paluszewski                          Roskilde University, Denmark                                       Performance Design / Geography

Maria Teder                                              Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Sweden                              Architecture

Pi Dehli Kolbye                                         Skaarup & Jespersen, Denmark                                   Architect

Stina Jørgensen                                       University of Copenhagen                                              European Ethnology

Jakob Exner                                             Copenhagen                                                                  Architect

Ion Cotenescu                                          Universitatea de Arhitectura, Bukarest                          Architecture

Alexandra Stupar                                      Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade                                  PhD and MSc in Architecture

Tanja Vlajinic                                            Belgrade                                                                        Architecture

Jan Hatt-Olsen                                         Copenhagen                                                                  Poet/Artist - Master in History

Gudmundur Arngrimsson                        Iceland                                                                            Landscape Architect Student

Marianne Trouelsen                                 Aalborg University, Denmark                                         Urban Design

Signe Westergaard                                  Danish Centre for Forest & Landscape Planning         Landscape architect

Kristian M. Kristensen                              Aalborg University, Denmark                                         Urban Design

Nemanja Rankovic                                   University of Rome                                                        Architect

Cizmic Milica                                            Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro                                 Architect

Maja Luna Jørgensen                               Aalborg University, Denmark                                         Urban Design

Spiering Julia                                            Hamburg, Germany                                                       Urban planning

Martin Schwegmann                                Berlin                                                                              Architect

Ivana Kancir                                             Musuma of Contemporary Art, Zagreb                          Curator/working in multimedia design

Ayca Taylan                                              Istanbul Technical University                                         University student

Jens Rex Christensen                             Aalborg University, Denmark                                         Urban Design

Marko Zivkovic                                          Ljubljana, Slovenia                                                         Architecture and Urban design

Ida Mared                                                  Urban vision, Architect Office, Sweden                         Architect

Duane De Witt                                         University of California at Berkeley                                Masters Candidate City Planning

June Maestri Ditlevsen                             University of Copenhagen                                              Art history

Rune H. Jensen                                       CityNova R&D, Copenhagen                                         Journalist, MsC Information Tech

Sophie Dodelin                                         Grenoble (Fr) and Budapest                                          Public artist

Djawed Kimouche                                    Roskilde University, Denmark                                       BA in Geography

Vasiliki Tsolak                                           Roskilde University, Denmark                                       Architecture

Melanie Birwe                                           Essen, Germany                                                            Spatial Planner

Trine Skammelsen                                   Aalborg University, Denmark                                         M.Sc. Engineer in Urban Design

René Lindsay                                           Copenhagen School of Architecture                              Architect

Anne Mette Boye                                      Schønherr Landskab, Aarhus, Denmark                       M.Sc. Engineer in urban design

Steven Tomlinson                                    Transport for London                                                     Engineering






The Street Creativity Sessions are presented by the Urban Task Force and the Biennial Secretariat. Urban Task Force is an independent non-profit organisation. The aim of Urban Task Force is to develop a mobile unit that periodically enters a new local area in search of the overseen potentials of the city.


An “onsite incubator” is established in each local area, where local citizens, new and more established agents in the city and students can meet up in workshops, games, exhibitions and events. Through this meeting new ideas emerge and the best ones are tested in real experiments, such as local city guides based on the use of mobile phones or new uses of derelict industrial buildings for community purposes.

Through new kinds of workshops, games and events Urban Task Force aims to involve people that do not usually take part in the political development of the city. Overseen potentials can be traced and new ideas can take form by letting local communities, students and artists challenge the urban agenda usually set by municipal officials and private investors.




Arrival and departure

The Street Creativity Sessions start in South Harbour of Copenhagen Monday the 6th at 9:30. However we encourage participants from outside Copenhagen and the Øresund Region to arrive Sunday the 5th of the June, so as to have time to settle in with their hosts and to be fresh and ready for the workshop Monday morning.


The Sessions end with the Yellow Arrow Party Saturday the 11th of June. If you should wish to stay longer, you will have to provide your own accommodation.


Copenhagen and the Øresund Region

For background information on Copenhagen and the Øresund Region and tips for visitors visit the Biennial website:



Food and soft drinks will be provided by Urban Task Force and the Biennial Secretariat for a fee of 500 Danisk kroner (about 68 Euros). This includes a light brunch Monday to Wednesday, lunch Monday to Saturday and Dinner Monday to Friday.



Expect temperatures form 15-25 degrees celscius.



In case of problems you can call Urban Task Force on +45 6168 9924. In case of emergencies call 112.

What to bring

Following items will be useful:

Cell phone

Digital camera

Wrist watch and alarm clock


Warm Sweater

This guide you are now reading

Papers (passport, money, credit card)

Address of the Embassy of your country

English Dictionary










The Pre-Biennial workshop that runs from Monday the 6th til Wednesday the 8th will take plave on the premises of Urban Task Force in and old industrial part of the South Harbour of Copenhagen.


The address is:

Borgmester Christiansensgade 55

2450 København SV


The easiest way to find us is from Sydhavnsgade. Find the singpost with the “HILTI” sign across the road form the “Sonofon” building. Continue into the backyard area and find the HILTI shop. Urban Task Force is just beside the shop. 



By train: Take the S-train line A og A+ towards Køge. Get off at Sydhavnen Station and walk the rest of the way along Sydhavnsgade (see map).

By bus: Take bus nr. 3A towards Valby Parken, get off at Sydhavns Plads and walk along Sydhavnsgade.

Or take nr. 4A and get off at Mozarts Plads. Walk along Borgmester Christiansens Gade and find the small road leading into the backyard area where nr. 55 is located. 








The lectures, the master classes and the exhibition running from Thursday the 9th to Saturday the 11th will take place in the main biennial area on the Island of “Holmen” north of the canal neighborhood Christianshavn.


The lectures will take place in the School of Archiecture:


Danneskjold Samsøes Allé 

København K

(see green dot on the map)


The master classes and the exhibition will take place in Masteskurene, a red row of former sheds for building shipmasts.  



København K

(see blue dot on the map)



By water bus: Take nr. 901 or 902 to the Opera (the building located just to the west of the biennial area on the map)

By metro & bus: Take the Metro to Christianshavn Station and change to bus nr. 66 towards Refshaleøen. Get off at the School of Architecture on Danneskjold Samsøes Allé.