Urban Alchemist in the Night


Installation/intervention at the Metropolis Laboratory by the art group Urban Artscape (Jan Hatt-Olsen, Copenhagen, Ásta Olga Magnúsdóttir, Cape Town)

‘Urban Alchemists in the Night’ was made as a part of Urban Artscape’s workshop ‘Urban Space as an Artwork’ which was one of the Workshops in Metropolis Laboratory, July 28 – August 5. 2007.


All places in Copenhagen are still Inbetween Zones open for magic and personal traces if you fuse the imagination with hard core outer physical reality, and open up for an augmented, re-enchanted urban space. There are always holes into that reality, but they are often larger at night than during the day. We searched for these holes and maybe created some by ourselves in a way there is open for every body to do themselves, with their imagination, perception, performance, installation or as us with their laptop and a video projector - sharing the doors to the augmented reality with anyone in the urban space – living in the inbetween zones.


The photos are from the night, august 3 – august 4 at Sankt Hans Torv, Sortedamssø and Sankt Hans Gade.