Urban Artscape – Furesø: Dansk Version



Urban Artscape - Furesø

[ support and permission passed by Furesø Municipality 8 march 2007 ]


Kulturpladsen in Farum - Kulturtorvet in Værløse.



Artist Jan Hatt-Olsen



There will from Furesø Municipality be established a committee to follow the process, with the head of Culture Bente Høegh and the head of planning Susanne Birkeland.


There will be a dialogue between the artist Jan Hatt-Olsen and the head of the Culture House in Farum Zanne Jahn and the head of the art museum Skovhuset in Værløse, art historian Dorthe Abildgaard , during the curating of the first month of the public-art project.


There will be a close contact with the head of the Culture House in Værløse Galaksen Morten Mortensen and the head of the library in Værløse in connection with the establishment of urban artscapes at Kulturtorvet in Værløse.


There will be contact with the juridical advisor in Furesø Municipality Marianne Helms during the whole process of Urban Artscape – Furesø


Background - Concept and Sketch of Urban Artscape – Furesø.


During the 2005 biennial ’City Living - Living City The 6’th European Biennial for Towns and Town Planners’ as a part of the street creativity session, created ’The Cinescape Street Creativity Charter’ which is a charter for street creativity in Europe. The Charter was presented at the biennials last day and discussed in plenum with Jan Christiansen, City Architect in Copenhagen and  Christer Persson, Senior Adviser in Malmö and Frank D’hondt Geograf og Urban Planner.


The Cinescape; Making the borders soft and Fuzzy, Street Creativity Charter is attached to this document.


I wish to in cooperation with Furesø Municipality to work with the concept presented in the charter and use it to create a close connection between the to main towns in Furesø Municipality Værløse and Farum more precisely a central square in each town. The two squares are Kulturpladsen in Farum and Kulturtorvet in Værløse. Furesø Municipality is a part of the Copenhagen metropol.


Each of the two squares has a culture house connected to it. Our project will have as starting point the culture house and the squares and the nearby streets.

There will be sound and light installations, controlled by a community website connected to Kulturtorvet in Værløse and a community website connected to Kulturpladsen in Farum.


When the installation starts poet/artist Jan Hatt-Olsen will have created a web-portal and placed material from various video artists, other visual artists, sound artists, composers, musicians and poets .

The material on the web-portal will be projected out on the squares with video projectors and played with transducers placed behind windows glass surfaces and coming up from the underground (placed under manhole covers)


An idea could be to project and play MultimediePoetry from FilmPlatform www.filmplatform.dk/mpoesi.html at the start of the installation.


The two squares will be video filmed and projected upon each other by video cameras placed behind window glass (to avoid vandalism) and recorded through direction oriented microphones. In other words the two squares will be present in each other. When you are at one of the squares you can see and hear a reflection of the other square. You can see and here a reflection of people, music, pictures and poems there is present at the other square. If you want to take a bike, car or train to the other square, to fully be a part of the other square, it’s easy to do it. Downtown Værløse and Downtown Farum are only 4 miles away from each other, with all the mentioned traffic connections between them.


Through the web-portal it will be open for people to add material through their activities on the squares, through the use of video cameras and microphones there have been placed or by uploading materials to the community web-sites by mobil phones ( sms, mms etc.) , lab tops,  computers in the nearby libraries.


Urban Artscape is pictures, poems, songs, sounds, texts installed in urban space. Light and sound installations working together with the rest of the urban space. Urban Artscape is the whole urban space and everyone is a part of it and develops it through the way they use the urban space.



By the help of mailing lists people in different parts of Furesø Municipality will get passwords to the community web-sites. Password will also be distributed at culture houses and libraries. People can give the passwords to everyone they want to. Everyone who directly or through local community has a connection to the urban spaces can in that way get access to place material on the community web-sites and in that way project and play material in the urban artscapes at the squares. Everyone in the world can follow what is happening in Urban Artscape.


People can be in the urban space, in the artscapes at the two squares when they get ideas and upload material, but they can also be in their private space and use their home computer to cross the borders from their private homes to the public urban space.


The local people and people who get in contact with the area decide how the installation will develop, with the degree of restrictions and control there always will be in a public space.


Every password will be individually tagged, to every password will there be connected a name and an address. If there have been a non acceptable behavior associated with the use of a specific password, this password will be blocked. Through a close contact with the juridical advisor for Furesø Minicipality Marianne Helms it will be secured that the law is not broken.  The juridical aspect of Urban Artscape is also groundbreaking. There has not been a semi permanent (two month) installation/intervention of this kind before in public urban space.

To fuse the virtual reality in the internet and the outer reality in urban space is new, to create a semi permanent augmented reality in this way is new. Urban Artscape is among the first project of what the IT world is calling web 2,0.


In other words Urban Artscape create communication and contact across borders; between the private and the public space, between the virtual and physical outer reality and between the different cultures there is at Kulturpladsen in Farum and Kulturtorvet in Værløse.


The installation will be semi permanent (two month ) Its important that the installation stretch over some time, because an important element in the concept is the social aspect, how the cultural codes in daily life in an urban artscape changes and develop.


Before the start of the installation there will be created a community group of citizens connected to Kulturtorvet in Værløse and a community group connected to Kulturpladsen in Farum. They will discuss the new possibilities for use of public urban space, which emerge as a result of Urban Artscape - Furesø. Later the two community groups will function as editors for the two community web-sites.


Urban Artscape – Furesø will have to phases.


Phase 1. 2007. November 1 – 2007 December 19.

The community groups discuss the new possibilities in an augmented urban space (ever citizen can join). In that period from November 19 – December 17 there will be given an example of how to use these new possibilities in an augmented urban space. This will be curated by the poet/artist Jan Hatt-Olsen in cooperation with the culture houses, libraries, the culture department in Furesø Municipality, the plan department and the juridical advisor. Material from various video artists, other visual artists, sound artists, composers, musicians and poets will in this period be projected and played in the two squares.


In other words there will be established a culture for how to interact, limits and possibilities in Urban Artscape – Furesø. This is however not a static culture but only a starting point for the culture/cultures connected to Urban Artscape – Furesø.



Phase 2.  2008 January 8 – 2008 January 31.

The community groups decide for themselves how Urban Artscape – Furesø shall be used and developed, how the cultural codes for living in the augmented reality shall bee.


There will be some control from the authorities during the whole period, not more or less than what is the situation in any urban space in Denmark.


Urban Artscape – Furesø is a work of art, which in its essence is a cross-over between urban planning and urban space and street art


It will be a project which to a high degree involves the children the young, the creative class and different ethnical groups because fascination of IT and activity in the virtual space gives them a common ground.

In this case the common ground will be extended to everyone, when we move in an augmented reality in open public spaces, which is placed in the outer physical urban reality. People who don’t have any connection whatsoever with IT and the virtual world will still experience the installation as a fascinating kind of magic realistic world, ready to be discovered.


It will be a work of art in which there will be a other works of art a collage in urban space in flux.

Established artist will be brought together with less established, underground, avant-garde and every kind of creative people.


It will open op for a cooperation of art, culture, business, the municipality.

Urban Artscape will not control what will happen. Urban Artscape will only create a start and a infrastructure for a new kind of creative, an augmented reality in urban space, and at the same time be that reality.


In phase 1 there will be a suggestion a start of that reality, but in phase two it will be re-enchanted urban places, not form outside controlled urban spaces.


It will be an Inbetween Zone, between the virtual reality and physical reality, between the imagination and the outer reality, between private space and public space, between the extraordinary urban experience and the daily life. I will be a Chôra, Plato’s space in between the word of senses and the word of ideas. The space there is the space of creation where every thing is in the making and in the destruction, where everything is in flux.

In Urban Artscape – Furesø every border will be soft and fuzzy, the material of creation light, sound and imagination. After the inbetween zone is passed the urban spaces will be precisely as they were before. But maybe not, maybe there will be a change of perception of urban spaces will have been made into urban places, and maybe the semi permanent infrastructure established to facilitate an inbetween zone in urban space, will be made permanent. Urban spaces will have been made into urban places, augmented, re-enchanted.